Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Reason Online Dating Works

We probably all know why online dating doesn’t work, but I want to let you know the reasons online dating does work.

The main reason online dating works is because of the vast number of eligible Singles that are online. If you can’t find what you want on one site, you simply move on to the next site.

If you are out “clubbing” you will have a very limited number of Singles to choose from. While online, there are literally millions of singles!

Another reason online dating works is we are able to totally “drop out” of the picture if we are being pursued by someone we have no interest in.

Unfortunately, if we are being pursued offline, using a club as an example, we can be followed from the bar to the dance floor to a table even all of the way to the parking lot!

But online, we can simply choose to stop responding! If the pursuit turns into harassment and stalking, we can have the site administrator totally block them!

Another reason online dating works is that we can “qualify” a person before deciding whether or not we want to get to know them better. While offline we can ask a lot of questions and if we don’t like the answers we are rarely rude enough to look someone in the face and say; “thanks for your interest, but I am not interested in you. Bye...”

I find that online dating has a lot of “safety features” that work in the favor of the Singles! You just have to know what these “safety features” are and how to use them!


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